Emilia Oswald

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Biological Information
Name Emilia Oswald
District 2 (5, 9, 4)
Gender Female
Age 15
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Height 5'4
Games Information
Weapon Tomahawk, Excalibur, Throwing Knives
Notable Appearances The Cyber Games, The Combination Games

This is an RP character of The Wayward Daughter. Do not use this character without her permission.

Combination Games

District Represented: 9

Alignment: Unknown

Kills: None

Allies: Aria Westbrook, Rodeo Baldios (tribute of Emilia), Blake Rywell, Caliban Rweed (tribute of Blake/Emilia), Kekai Nui and Eric Shin (tribute of Kekai)


The first mention of Emilia in these games is by her district partner, Kekai, stating that she can't swim. The next mention of Emilia is while her alliance is looking for a place to go next, Blake and his alliance ask if they can merge with her alliance. Grudgingly, she accepts.

Cyber Games

"A person without scars on their face never had to fight for something they believed in."
―Emilia's main quote, The Cyber Games

District Represented: 2

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Kills: Connor (beheaded)

Demise: Billie (arrow to chest)

Allies: Aria Westbrook, Blake Rywell, Hannah Coldwell


In the bloodbath, Emilia was originally separated from her allies while gathering supplies, but met up with Aria on the beach.

Forest Wandering

Over the course of the next few days, Emilia, Aria and Blake wandered the forest. In that time, Aria killed Joey and Caitlin while beheaded Connor. While Emilia wandered around (away from her allies who thought they had a "thing" for each other), she encountered a mutt and she got bitten in her calf, but the wound was extremely deep.

Encounter with Eli and Billie

As Emilia is attempting to recover, Aria walks into a bear trap and the Perf Alliance was encountered by Eli and Billie. With the help of a rabies shot, duct tape and Lysol, Emilia made a makeshift bandage and took on Billie. After both girls were injured by each other, Emilia made a deal: the Billie/Eli alliance wouldn't hurt her allies if she duelled Eli in the water. Fortunately, Eli accepted.

Ultimate Demise

Emilia, knowing that she wouldn't come out of this duel alive, threw her sword and supplies to her allies, telling them to run, because that would buy them time. Eli attempted to stab her in the rib area twice, but Emilia dodged these shots. Then Billie shot Emilia point-blank in the chest, and Emilia fell, screamed extremely loud, then died.

As of this point in The Cyber Games, Emilia has not be avenged because Billie hasn't died yet.